K-KARP PULSAR ADS BITE ALARM SET * 3+1 Signalizatoriai

K-KARP PULSAR ADS BITE ALARM SET * 3+1 - Signalizatorių komplektas su nuotoliniu pulteliu.

Integrated Snag Bars. The Snag Bars, supplied as standard in the sets, fit neatly into a dedicated rigid threaded slots moulded in the extra tough ABS case.

Energy Saver Circuit. The Pulsar are designed to reduce at minimum the battery consumption with advanced energy saver devices.

Volume, Tone, Sensitivity & Wireless. Volume, tone and sensitivity can be adjusted by rotating the controls, familiarise yourself with the controls before connecting the batteries.

Multicolour Led Selection with Brightness Adjustment. This allows the choice of six colours and their brightness to be selected with the push of one button.

Ultra Long Range Signal. The Pulsar contains an advanced transmitter device, capable of long distances.

Run‘N Drop Bite Detection. The alarms are able to detect running or drop back bites, whilst the receiver will alert you for a drop back bite with a dedicated led and sound.

Audible & Visual Replication. Each sound pulse and led flash from the bite alarm is replicated exactly at the receiver, thus to eliminate strikes on false triggering caused by the wind and water movement.

Easy Syncro. Syncronize the units to the receiver has never been so easy, just with the push of Syncro button on the receiver the unique identification code will be registered.

Low Battery Warning. The Pulsars continuously monitor the battery voltage and detects its failing with audible/visual warnings which are also transmitted where specified.

Induction Night-Light. The twin leds Night-Light glimmer continuously confirming that the alarm is switched on. The night-light brightness can be adjusted to be clearly visible in the dark.

Memory Function. The units and the receivers remember all personal settings when changing batteries or turning them off.

Weather-Proof Body. The Pulsars have been designed to be totally weatherproof and withstand to the most rigorous condition.

Anti-Theft Function. When a Pulsar ADS is switched off it can activate an alarm warning in the receiver in case of attempted theft or battery failing, the same can be used as Range Test feature.

Silent & Vibro Mode. The units can be set to silent mode without the need to switch-off, while the receiver can be set to “Sound”, “Sound+Vibro” or “Vibration” mode.

Multi-Channel Receiver. The receiver works with up to six different channels, so up to six units can be used at once.

2 Years Warranty. Pulsars are supplied with a two years warranty terms as a standard.

Quick Release. The Quick Release system allows to easily remove the units from the buzzer bar. The rigid 3/8 thread and the locking nuts also allow infinite alignment adjustability for the facing position. If the Pulsar is not facing the desired position, unscrew it until you can reach the locking nut. Back the locking screw a quarter to half a turn, then screw the Pulsar back on.

Since it was introduced, the Pulsar has set new standards for bite indication and reliability in all conditions and we are sure your purchase will prove to be a worthwhile investment that will last you several years. Pulsar ADS is a ultra-reliable, compact, high quality, bite indicator set packed with the latest cutting edge technologies.

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  • Gamintojas: K-KARP
  • Prekės kodas: 019-27-000
  • Prieinamumas: Teirautis
  • 280.00€

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