K-KARP Method & Boilies Bag

  • K-KARP Method & Boilies Bag

Bag designed for storing boilies or mixing and storing method groundbait.

The thermic padding ensures proper preservation both during winter and summer sessions. It is also equipped with a rigid bottom and washable interior. It can be squeezed closed with the zips to take up very little space. The cover zips shut to protect the contents from rain and sun. Once shut it takes up just 8cm. Design: Designed to offer maximum load capability, functionality and comfort, by our Team Members and produced to the highest standard. Fabric: Tear and water-resistant treated polyester, used throughout the range is lightweight but extremely durable. Zip: All zips through the range are specially strengthened and sturdy to withstand extreme use. Handles: Stiffened and padded handles help the transport and to spread the load for the maximum comfort.

193-30-170Method & Boilies Bag27x30 cm

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  • Gamintojas: K-KARP
  • Prekės kodas: 193-30-170
  • Prieinamumas: 1
  • 29.00€

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